Das begleitende Programm zum Queer Zine Fest Berlin:

The accompanying programme for the Queer Zine Fest Berlin:





12:15 – 14:15    Autobiographical comics – Workshop by Rudy Loewe
14:30 – 16:30    Mental Health und Zines – Workshop by Feo
16:45 – 18:45    Empowerment durch Zines – Workshop by SchwarzRund


19.00 – 19:50 Lesung mit Frederik, Feo, Julia und SchwarzRund
19.50 – 20.00 PAUSE
20.00 – 21.00 Poetry Collab Zine Release






12:15 – 14:15
Autobiographical comics – Workshop by Rudy Loewe

There are only spots for 10 people,
so please register for this workshop via email: workshops@queerzinefestberlin.net

Artist Rudy Loewe will give a autobiographical comic making workshop at this year’s Berlin Queer Zine Fest. Whether you have never made a comic or you’ve made many, come and join us in making a one page comic about a personal experience.

Feel free to bring your favourite pens/ mark making materials if you have some!


Workshop is in english.
Open to all genders!


Rudy Loewe is a visual artist utilising narratives from lived experience to create comics and illustrations predominantly focusing on the lives of black people.

Rudy’s intention is to take complex ideas and narratives, drawing them out into more accessible and digestible formats. Using comedy and satire Rudy’s work subverts dominant power structures and starts difficult conversations around intersectionality.

Often using comic book format Rudy’s work centres people of colour celebrating and chronicling their stories. Racism; gender; sexuality; disability and mental health are all key themes within Rudy’s practice. They uses a variety of mediums throughout and recurring motifs to explore family history, black history, Diaspora and trauma.

Rudy Loewe’s practice often involves working with archival material and with other practitioners such as historians and archivists. The pedagogical side of Rudy’s practice has been inspired by theorists such as bell hooks and Paulo Friere and their ideas around community and learning.

Rudy’s work aims to engage those who consider themselves outside of the art world in art practice. Community is an integral part of Rudy Loewe’s work, which is why another facet of their practice is workshop facilitation and the invaluable conversations that come out of this.

They/ them pronouns.


14:30 – 16:30
Mental Health und Zines – Workshop by Feo

deutsch (english follows):

Zines haben mein Leben gerettet!
Zumindest haben Zines mir unglaublich geholfen mich kreativ mit meinen ver_rücktheiten auseinanderzusetzen.
Zines haben mir die Möglichkeit gegeben mir Dinge von der Seele zu schreiben, im Schreibprozess mich selber und andere besser zu verstehen.

Ich konnte andere Menschen mit meinen Zines berühren und ihnen zeigen, dass sie nicht alleine sind.
Daher möchte ich mit euch gemeinsam über mental health reden, uns austauschen und dabei basteln.
Was genau- ist euch / uns überlassen.

Vom Minizine, zu einem gemeinsamen Zine oder vllt was ganz anderes?
Poesie, Kurzgeschichten, Collagen, Zeichnungen, alles ist möglich.

Der Workshop ist offen für alle, die keine cis männer sind.

Zudem bitte nur menschen, die auch mental health issues haben, dies soll ein gemeinsamer Austausch werden und keine Bildungsveranstaltung für nicht betroffene!

Sprache kann deutsch oder englisch sein, dies wird gemeinsam mit Teilnehmer_innen entschieden.

Geleitet wird der Workshop von Feo.
Feo ist eine weiße, nicht binäre queere femme, die person hinter den „thoughts of a queer marshmallow perzines“ und vielen anderen zines. Gemeinsam mit einer weiteren Person betreibt Feo das Queer Trash Distro. Vor allem Borderline, Depressionen und Anxiety spielen eine Rolle in Feos Zines und Leben. Die Liebe zu Pflanzen, Hunden und Zines hält Feo am Leben.



Zines saved my life!
At least they helped me so much to deal with my own craziness in a creative way.
Zines gave me the possibility to write freely, and helped me understand myself and others better in this process.

I was able to show others that they arent alone.
That’s why I would like to talk with you about mental health, to exchange our feelings and stories and craft.

Maybe mini zines, a collaboration zine or something completely different? We will decide that together!

The workshop is open to everyone that is not a cis man.
Also only ppl that deal with mental health issues themselves, this should be a space to connect and not an educational event for people that arent affected.

Language could be german or english, we can decide that in the beginning.

The person who will host the workshop is Feo.
They are a white, non binary queer femme, the person behind the „thoughts of a queer marshmallow“ perzines and many other zines. They are part of the Queer Trash Distro. Especially borderline, depression and anxiety play a huge role in Feos life and zines.
The love to plants, dogs and zines keeps feo alive.


16:45 – 18:45
Empowerment durch Zines – Workshop by SchwarzRund

Mit eigenem Wissen, kritzeligen Strichmenschchen und Kleber sammeln wir Strategien zum (Über)LEBEN in einer rassistischen, ableistischen, sexistischen, queerfeindlichen, femmefeindlichen und kolonialisierten Welt.

Mit SchwarzRund, der Autor*in von „Biskaya“ und dem Blog