Mini Queer Zinefest IV

September 3

@ f.a.q. Laden

We are excited to present the 4th Mini Queer Zinefest in Berlin, happening soon in the first weekend of September. A place for queer zinesters to come together to sell their zines, network with other queer zinesters, learn together and from one another in workshops, and hang out all day drinking coffee and eating cake.

We still have plenty of room for you to get a table, and we still need people to volunteer so we can make this queer zine thing happen.

Get involved! Email us at if you want to:

– table your zines
– host a workshop
– perform music
– participate in a zine reading
– bake a cake for us
– work a bar shift
– help with set up and/or clean up

We are excited to hear from you, and to see you soon!

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